According mass storage Asus comes up with an interesting gadget. Because of its attracting look, it might probably fly out the shelves in superstores, where customers can no longer resist its charm. Left and right of the case are a total of three USB 2. In practice this netbook offered a legible picture , even in very bright environments. By the way the maximum opening angle is about degrees , which should usually be sufficient, even for mobile operation. Indeed, the Eee S comes compared to the Eee H really with an improved case.

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Despite a clearly higher price than the successful Eee H, you will just get a faint screen like this. Also impressive is the keyboard, though there is one glaring fault eee pc s101 the right shift key is tiny and almost impossible eee pc s101 press if you touch type. Despite metal inlays and jewels from Swarowski the case still looks decent and elegant.

Asus’ latest Eee PC, however, veers away from this safe ground more than any netbook we’ve yet seen. This mode should ee be used for short periods, such as when needing to edit photos. We show the least amount of ads possible. The clearly slimmer base unit probably eee pc s101 the most important change of the design compared to the Eee PC H. Combined with an external light source, in our case a small lamp above the passenger seat in a car, the metallic particles in the keyboard lead to very unpleasant reflections, which make reading eee pc s101 key labels difficult.

Asus Eee PC S101

s1011 It especially focuses on those who consider design important. The only difference, which might maybe cause troubles, is the look of the keyswhich now shows metallic particles.

The good news doesn’t end there, however, as the new Asus’ battery results are also pretty impressive. Only in the interludes the frame rate fell to 15 fps. Designed to be the ‘executive’ model of the range it has a look and feel more of the Asus U6 ultraportable laptop than other Eee pc s101 PC Netbooks. Under intensive usage, the results were more encouraging, eee pc s101 the S lasting just over three hours. Also the wedge shape of the Eee H was consigned to history, because the S now relies on efe very thin battery integrated in the front part.

Slip it in your bag eee pc s101 you’ll hardly notice it’s there, thanks to its lighter-than-MacBook-Air 1. However, hard drive performance was astonishing, with it coming in at almost twice as fast as the closest contender. Pv, this notebook is ready for mobile use, also on the lap.

Aside from the executive-pleasing style, the chassis is superb. The solution for mass storage is interesting: Furthermore, Asus includes a bag for the power adapter and the respective cable, and also eee pc s101 microfibre cloth for gentle cleaning of the screen and of the paint surfaces in the scope of delivery.

Netbooks are ss101 the rage at the moment. Views Read Edit View history. eee pc s101

Asus Eee PC S – Wikipedia

Also the touchpad was slightly modified, but still provides multi-touch features. But if a stylish netbook is what you’re looking for, the Eee PC S will meet your needs. VAT is how little it resembles an entry-level machine.

Posted in Personal Tech20th November The intrasystem mass storage device eee pc s101 a 16 Eee pc s101 solid state drive. The advantage of this solution is that you can switch cards as well as substitute the provided one with a higher capacity card in the future.

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eee pc s101 However, it gets s1011 little bit critical for the display brightness. A shortcut to EeeStorage is located on the desktop and requires registering with a username and password.

This is higher than the mini-notebook average of 2: We had no problem accessing our files from another computer; you simply eee pc s101 the EeeStorage client and log into your account. The mAh, 6-cell battery of the Eee PC H managed to last over four hours — but of course, that notebook isn’t as sexy eee pc s101 this unit.

Asus Eee Storage According mass storage Asus comes up with pv interesting gadget.

A special feature is the Eee Storage, an on-line storage space, where you can store your data.