If specs looks similar except speed and maybe cash memory , I think you can upgrade it. I just acquired from eBay a used palm rest. Start of add to list layer. If the laptop turns on but has no video check both memory modules, make sure they are seated correctly. I disassembled my DV and cleaned the fan, put back together and powered it. Could be bad video cable. My computer is having a graphic card problem.

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I know the computer is hp dv6700 pavilion bc I can put it on standby with the keyboard. There is no locking clip. Chris comment 40 How did you fix your dv700 problem?

Check connection between the video cable and motherboard. How do I know what motherboard to buy? I purchased a used complete screen and lid assembly.

Maybe the hard drive is failing. I still on occasion forget them and I have replaced too many mobos in these to count.


A new motherboard is expensive. I would suggest cleaning the heatsink with compressed air.

hp dv6700 pavilion Thanks I tried rebooting and it did open when I pushed it during bios. I am rather embarassed to have handled the job so poorly, especially on a somewhat expensive laptop at the time.

Again, no soldering required.

HP Pavilion dv specs – Engadget

Maybe one of the modules popped up from the slot. Fan of my laptop was making noise therefore I decided to unmount and clean it. Did I royally screw this laptop up by switching those wires and plugging in the adapter? Stand up for your right to repair! Related media contacts View All Media Contacts. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor can help you determine which features of Windows Vista will run on your computer.

Hp dv6700 pavilion went well and i resolved my problem bent loose power connector housing on Pavillon dv I now train the hp dv6700 pavilion on the chip and slowly heat it up to the required temperature of degrees to remelt all the solder underneath it.

HP Pavilion dv6700

The heat coming from the hp dv6700 pavilion drive was roughly as intense as the heat coming from the heat exhaust for the fan.

Hello, My dv has also failed. Well, I just spent an afternoon preparing gp kitchen counter as an operatory, procuring the blow torch with which to use as the prime instrument and began disassembling as shown above.

So…anyone pafilion any clues hp dv6700 pavilion this: If you press the small button above the touchpad you can disable it … perfect for people using an external mouse.

I have problem to recognize my DVD rom and I need to reseat data cable.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Find the part number and google it. I think the board is toast.

Its like there should be some pincer to hold it there. After that, without remounting the computer, I tryed to start it… the computer started well, when assembled the hp dv6700 pavilion do not start… Very strange!

Amazing walk through, very easy to understand. This tutorial did help me so much I hp dv6700 pavilion wanted to thank you for your help and knowledge. This is HP part number.