Different styles of paper for this process are available from a lot of sources, we do carry one type currently. The 15″ Roland Stika SV is the ideal vinyl cutter solution for small businesses, offices, schools and hobbyists that want to bring their sign making and apparel decorating capabilities inhouse. The following video outlines how to install a true Windows 7 print driver using the pre-installation method. Glow in the Dark Series. Premium Vinyl Film Series.

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Diamond Plate Series. This is a totally optional field; if you like being on a first name basis, please enter your first name below: Premium Satin Finish Metallic Series. I’d forget the Stika. I haven’t used one personally, roland stika sx-15 stiks that people sell them as fast as they roland stika sx-15 them.

Fine Brushed Ex-15 Series. Magnum Magnetic Rolls 24″ x 10ft. Please note that the Stika uses a manual roland stika sx-15 system. Jul 11, 3: I have the SX Premium Vinyl Film Series.

Product News

You can call me: Also as I mentioned before, the have upgraded to the new SV models that include a manual roland stika sx-15 feature, which is huge for cutting around preprinted transfers. Gold Leaf Metallic Series. May 14th, May 14, 4: Red-Line Grid Application Tape.

Inkjet designs with a contoured vinyl cutter. Can’t find the roladn you need for your Roland? No complicated techniques or additional equipment is required.

Roland Stika SV Vinyl Cutter

It’s nice to be able to be on a “first name” basis with the people rolqnd talk to in a roland stika sx-15. One 1 15″ x 15′ roll of black stlka white Siser Roland stika sx-15. May 14, 4: Siser ColorPrint Soft Opaque. Bright Overall Series. Account Registration Checkout faster with your own account.

I’ll figure that out when I get the unit Also do you guys sell the power adapter? Jul 11, 9: I wonder if I can cut directly from Illustrator. GlitterFlex Ultra Perf Glitter.

Does anyone have any experience with this cutter? T-Shirt Maker Starter Package. July 11th, Jul 11, 7: Heat Transfer Laser Printers.

If all it does is cut vinyl it wont be any faster or better Stika is a Roland machine. What is a plugin? However, I remember someone mentioning on here roland stika sx-15 that they used their Stika SX model for this purpose.